Geography Profile

Depaartment of Geography

About the Department

The Department of Geography was established along with the establishment of the College in 2001. In the beginning, it has started only UG course but later it started skill oriented course. It has successfully organized state level seminars. The Department has well qualified and experienced teaching staff and they are actively engage in research work.

Along with traditional teaching methods, faculty has adopted ICT aids in teaching with LCD Projection System. Department has fully equipped geography laboratory to enable and expose students. Surveying Laboratory equipped with state of art instruments. Lectures under remedial coaching are the regular practice in the department for the backward students. The Departmental conducive atmosphere enables students to take an active interest in curricular and extracurricular activities. Department has organized the number study tours in the different geographical areas and conduct the socio-economic village survey.


Surveying and Cartographic Instruments

Surveying and mapping has been one of the most important components of the geography curriculum. 
Equipments, allowing field surveys and mapping, include theodolites, dumpy levels plane tables, hand levels and electronic distance measurer and simple softwares. Students are trained to handle these equipments and use them in fieldwork and research.

Topographical Maps, Satellite Images and Aerial Photographs
Maps and atlases are the backbone of geography. The Department holds one of the best collections of SOI topographical maps. The Department has a good collection of aerial photographs and satellite imageries for teaching and research. In recent years, the Department has also developed image-processing facilities.

Department has established partnership with Advance Diploma Course in the Travel and Tourism. Number of students is enrolled in the course.
In a nutshell, the Department possesses a variety of teaching and research tools, facilities that are at the disposal of teachers and students and their use and application have been incorporated into the course structure.

“Providing quality education in emerging fields to produce knowledgeable and cultured human resource, contributing to the National development”



  • Upliftment of rural masses through appropriate education
  • To empower socially, economically and educationally marginalized sections of the rural society of the region
  • To produce a new generation of students for contributing to the future knowledgeable society