• Name of the Department - Political science 
  • Year of Establishment - 2001
  • Importance of political science:-
    Political science is one of the oldest social science disciplines. It examines how people in one society and in societies organized into states live together and resolve or fail to resolve their conflicts. Politics is the art of influencing others as well as arriving at consensus. It is widespread phenomenon that one encounter at all levels of society as well as between the state.
  • Future plans of the department:-  
    The department is in the process of increasing its research base .To conduct public lectures and seminars for students and teachers.
  • Mission:-  
    We are planning to settle our students into the mainstreams of political, administration, economics, social and cultural of the India and the world.
  • Objectives:-
  1. The discipline of political science which studies systematically (that is shows and accounts for) the recurring patterns of events in politics, is divided into five sub disciplines; political theory, comparative politics, international relations, national politics and public administration. The department aim to provide a balanced education in these five disciplines to the students.
  2. The department aims at providing the students with an education that would enhance their understanding of social artifacts.
  3. To guide students for the competitive examinations.
  4. To arrange political and social survey.
  5. To arrange visits to the local self government, legislative assembly and parlment.
  6. To organize state and national level seminars.
  7. To organize guest lectures and group discussion and tutorial for students.
  8. To discuss national and international politics with the students.
  9. To guide the students for political powers and leadership.