Vision & Mission

Our Vision

'Duritanche Timir Jawo' (दुरितांचे तिमिर जावो). Let the

darkness of ignorance disappear”.

Our Mission

  1. To empower the rural students with all the information, knowledge  and skills to make them  employable, socially responsible and truly global citizen by providing access , equity and excellence in  education.
  2. To provide quality education through the use of technology to socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society.
  3. To use student centric approach and optimize the use of technology and new methods of teaching and learning.
  4. To inculcate the sense of gender equity and social and cultural inclusiveness.
  5. To develop the quality culture in all academic and extension activities.
  6. To focus on the holistic development of the students through the curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular and research activities.
  7. To provide skill-based education to students with a view to make them employable.
  8. To inculcate the sense of social, ethical, cultural values, a sense of harmony and moral obligation for social and national integration.
  9. To develop an awareness about the issues related to gender equity, human rights, environment, professional ethics and democratic values.
  10. To develop the creative and critical thinking and create scientific temperament among the students.
  11. To prepare the students for entrepreneurship, self-employment and tapping the local advantages in terms of career development with the help of experiential learning.
  12. To provide a platform to the students for cultural, sports, literary and social activities.
  13. To create an ecosystem for excellence in academics, governance and leadership and teamwork.



  • To work collectively to realize the vision and mission of the institue.
  • To invole all stakeholders in the decision process.